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Working Principle
Our CF type steel belt pastillator and flaker is a well designed machine, and it can realize the purpose of granulation based on the following principle. The hot melted material from previous process is placed uniformly by the distributor onto the steel belt which moves at a constant speed under the distributor, and continuous cooling device is set under the steel belt to rapidly cool and solidify the material on the steel belt during moving. Thus, pastilles are produced. Depending on the physical property and operating requirement, the distributing device can be selected between intermittent drop type, continuous strip type, full-width overflow type and others to manufacture products with hemispherical shape, strip shape and flake shape, respectively.

On the other hand, this granulator can be equipped with different types of distributor for various processes. For the direct granulation process, external rotating, internal rotating, reciprocating, shock excitation and other types are suitable. For the condensation-solidification-flaking-fragmentation process, brake type, tube type and multi-roller type are appropriate. For the cooling process of solid powder, vibrating distributor is also applicable.

Depending on the requirements of process, layout and physical property, double-layer or multi-layer steel belt can be adopted for the condensation-solidification-flaking-fragmentation process or the cooling process of pellet shaped materials. In this way, the floor area of this pastillator and flaker is cut down, and the heat exchange efficiency is improved.


1. Final granules
2. Feeding melted material
3. Cooling water inflowing
4. Cooling water flowing back


Model Steel Belt Width (mm) Center Distance (m)
CF0.5 500 4-10.4
CF0.6 600 4-10.4
CF1.0 1000 7.2-20
CF1.2 1200 7.2-20
CF1.5 1500 10.4-36

This pastillator and flaker is widely used due to the wide range of applicable materials. Our machine is suitable for different kinds of materials that need condensing granulation, strip pelletizing or cooling-flaking-fragmentation process, and the melting point (softening point) should be within 250°C. The typical materials include sulfur, paraffin, resin, asphalt, maleic anhydride, trimellitic anhydride, stearic acid type, thermosol, organic intermediate, compound fertilizer, rubber, plastics and many additives. Meanwhile, our product is also suitable for the rapid cooling process of powder and pellet shaped viscous materials, such as sodium fluorosilicate, base materials of crystal and emulsion explosive, etc.

1. Our granulator realizes continuously working, and the production efficiency is enhanced. The particles produced are in uniform state, so the value of commodity is raised. Meanwhile, it generates little dust, and the operating condition is improved.
2. Thin steel belt is used for heat exchange and forced spray cooling, thus, the hot-melted materials will be cooled and solidified into a certain shape in a short time.
3. The reverse bending of the steel belt at the discharge end separates the solidified materials from steel belt, and there is very little dust when discharging. So, the particle shape is well protected.
4. The distributor and steel belt are both controlled by variable frequency drive which realizes convenient control and adjustment according to the production capacity, environment condition and physical property.

As a professional steel belt pastillator and flaker manufacturer in China, our company also offers drum sulphur granulator, die plate press / pellet mill, compactor, and vibrating fluid bed dryer, among others.

By March 2016, our company has sold 991 such machines. Among them, 41 machines have been exported worldwide.

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