Melted Material Granulator

    1. CF Type Steel Belt Pastillator and FlakerOn the other hand, this granulator can be equipped with different types of distributor for various processes. For the direct granulation process, external rotating, internal rotating, reciprocating, shock excitation and other types are suitable. For the condensation-solidification-flaking-fragmentation process, brake type, tube type and multi-roller type are appropriate. For the cooling process of solid powder, vibrating distributor is also applicable.
    1. RDG Drum Sulphur GranulatorThe rotary drum of this granulator tilts down along the discharge end in axial direction, so the liquid material goes through three stages inside the drum which are seed particle (powder or small particle) generation, size enlarging as well as product forming, and then spherical particles that meet the requirements of granularity are obtained at the discharge end.

Melted granulation is a widely used method during which melted materials are distributed in the form of drops, then cooled and solidified to generate particles. Our melted material granulator mainly contains two types, CF type steel belt pastillator and flaker, RDG drum sulphur granulator.

During the working of CF type steel belt pastillator and flaker, melted materials are continuously transferred into the distributing device which is controlled at a constant temperature, and then the melted materials are pressurized and drop down onto the steel belt along the width direction of steel belt in the form of intermittent drops. In addition, the steel belt moves at a constant speed. Meanwhile, spray cooling device is set under the steel belt. Thus, the materials dropped on the belt exchanges heat through the thin steel belt, and are cooled and solidified as they travel along with the belt. In this way, regular particles with hemispherical shape are obtained. Depending on the requirements of physical property and shape, customer can use different types of distributor to get desired shape of particles. The intermittent drop type is suitable for hemispherical product, the continuous strip type is used for strip, and the full-width overflow type is suitable for irregular flake.

On the other hand, the RDG drum sulphur granulator is mainly applied for large quantity sulphur granulation. The sulphur is sprayed into the drum at a certain pressure, and cooling water is sprayed for the purpose of cooling at the same time. With the rotation of drum, the sulphur drops are solidified and coated on the sulphur particles whose liquid stroke is 2-6mm. In addition, the most outstanding advantages of this machine are large production capacity, low investment and convenient maintenance.

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