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SE screw extruder granulating machine contains two types, single-screw type (SES) and twin-screw type (SET). The extrusion mode includes front discharge and side discharge, and the SET can be divided into intermeshing type and separating type. Customers should select the perfect machine according to the granulation requirement and property of materials.

Technical Parameters

SET Twin-screw Extruder SES Single-screw Extruder
Model Screw Diameter (mm) Transmission Power (kW) Model Screw Diameter (mm) Transmission Power (kW)
SET-60 60 3.7 SES-100 100 7.5
SET-100 100 7.5 SES-120 120 15
SET-110N 110 11 SES-160 160 22
SET-120N 120 15 SES-180 180 30
SET-180 180 22 (30)

SET-200N 200 30

SET-220N 220 37

Working Principle
Wet materials processed with mixing and kneading, or materials with low softening point (usually lower than 60°C) are extruded from the die aperture on the granulator head, and this is realized by the extrusion force generated during the screw conveying process. The extruded materials are in the form of strip, and then these strips are dried or cooled to obtain the finished particles in short columnar shape. In this way, the powder is produced into uniform granules. The particle shape is columnar or with special shaped section, and the diameter of finished particle is controlled by the diameter of aperture of die plate. In addition, the particle diameter is 0.6-2.0mm for side discharge type, and 1.0-12mm for front discharge type.

On the other hand, the natural breaking length depends on the bonding strength of materials, and this value is usually within the range of 1.25-2.0 times of diameter. For the front discharge type, if special length is required, exterior cutting mode is recommended because the particles obtained have relatively uniform shapes. For most applications, the granulation rate is not lower than 95%.

This granulating machine is widely used for products that require granulation process, such as catalyst, pesticide, dye, pigment, drug, rubber ingredient, food additive, plastic additive, daily chemical, etc.

1. The powders are made into granules under wet state, thus, the operating conditions for granulation and following process (drying, packaging, etc.) are improved to a large extent. Generally speaking, dust in the operating site can be reduced as much as 90% or even higher.
2. The granulation process is able to avoid phenomena that may influence the application of powder products, such as caking, bridging, etc. It also prevents the secondary pollution caused by the use of powder. Thus, the physical property of product is enhanced.
3. Usually, the bulk density of granulated product is increased greatly. As a result, the spaces required for packaging, transportation and storage are all saved.
4. For the products that are compounded or mixed by multi constituents, granulation process can prevent the segregation, and the quality of compound product is guaranteed.

Based on these, this granulating machine is the perfect equipment for customers.

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