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Working Principle
PRG die plate press uses a granulation method between dry type and wet type, so this method is also called semi dry granulation. Materials fed into the machine are placed flat on the die plate which has an aperture. The main shaft drives the rolling wheel to rotate with the main shaft, and the rolling wheel also rotates with its shaft at the same time. The rolling wheel continually applies force to the materials on the die plate, and the materials are forced to be extruded from the aperture at the wedge shaped area which is generated by die plate and rolling wheel. The extruded materials are cylindrical strips, and they are cut under the die plate by scraper, or naturally broken. Thus, cylindrical particles are gained.

Usually, the particle size is within 2-40mm, and the granulation rate reaches up to 95% or even higher. During granulation process, the required water content of this pellet mill is lower than that of screw extruder, so the particle strength is higher.

Technical Parameters

Model PRG-440 PRG-600 PRG-780 PRG-1000 PRG-1250
Diameter of Die Plate (mm) 440 600 780 1000 1250
Roller Diameter (mm) 190 260 or 280 260 or 280 350 or 450 450
Roller Width (mm) 82 88-102 88-102 156 156 or 192
Roller Number 2-4 3-4 3-5 3-5 3-5
Drive Motor (kW)/(r/min) 15-30/1500 55-75/1500 90-110/1500 160-200/1500 200-250/1500
Linear Speed of Roller (m/s) 2.3 2.6 2.6 2.6 2.7
Aperture Area (cm2) 759 1382 1724 3850 5900
Particle Diameter (mm) 2-15 2-30 3-35 3-40 3-40
Production Capacity (kg/h) 250-800 2000-5000 4000-10000 6000-15000 8000-20000
Overall Dimensions (mm) 1600 ×824 ×1297 2235 ×1768 ×1720 2450 ×1400 ×2125 2885 ×1786 ×2360 3480 ×1920 ×2480
Total Weight (kg) 1650 3250 6500 7200 9800

This pellet mill is suitable for many materials, for example, catalyst, additive, pesticide, argil, activated carbon, carbon powder, pulverized coal, plant fiber, waste of fermentation, compound fertilizer, bio-fertilizer, lead oxide, zinc oxide, etc.

1. This die plate press has high granulation rate, and material screening and returning are not necessary.
2. Only a little water is required, so the finished particle has higher strength as well as lower secondary pulverization rate.
3. Due to the small demand of water, the energy consumption of the following drying process is relatively lower. In addition, for some kinds of material, drying process is even not required.
4. Our product has large production capacity, and the maximum value may reach up to 20000kg/h.

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