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Working Principle
HSG high speed teeth agitating granulator is a well designed product, and it is widely applied for many kinds of materials. The mechanical stirring force generated by the high-speed rotation, and resulting aerodynamic force work together to continually finish different procedures of fine powder materials inside the machine, such as mixing, granulation, balling, compaction, etc. Thus, granulation is achieved. The particle obtained is spherical with sphericity of 0.7 or above, and the particle diameter is usually within 0.3-3.0mm while the granulation rate is not lower than 80%. In addition, the particle size can be adjusted by controlling the water content of materials and rotation speed of main shaft. In general, lower water content and higher rotation speed will make the particle smaller, vice versa.

Technical Parameters

Model HSG-300 HSG-400
Cylinder Diameter (mm) 300 400
Transmission Power (kW) 15-22 22-30

This granulator is especially suitable for the granulation process of fine powder that is light and with good autohesion property. The finer the basic particles of powder are, the higher the sphericity of obtained granules will be, and the balling quality will also be better. Usually, the granularity before pelleting should be lower than 300 meshes.

The suitable material includes argil, kaolin, molecular sieve, calcium carbonate, calcium hydrophosphate, carbon black, white carbon black, urea-formaldehyde molding powder, etc.

1. Compared with natural agglomeration granulation equipment, such as rotary disk granulator and rotary drum granulator, this teeth agitating granulator shows the advantage of centralized size distribution, and the control of size distribution is quite easy.
2. Continuous production and high efficiency are achieved. So, it is easier to meet the requirement of mass production.
3. There is no acute angle after the spherical granules are formed. As a result, the pulverization rate is very low.

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