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CMG ploughshare mixing granulator has a horizontal cylinder, and the main spindle and rotating ploughshare are inside the cylinder. Meanwhile, several high speed agitating teeth are set at the area that has plenty of materials, and these devices are under the cylinder forming an angle of 45° with the central perpendicular line of the cylinder.

Working Principle
Wet powders are fed into the cylinder through the top feeding port which is on one end of the horizontal cylinder, and are transferred at a constant speed to the discharge port on the bottom of another end of cylinder, then discharged from this mixing granulator. The delivery of materials is realized by the main spindle driven conveying spiral and the synchronous rotation of ploughshare.

Inside the horizontal cylinder, wet powders move along the axial direction from the feeding port to discharge port. At the same time, the wet powders realize circular motion along the inner wall of cylinder due to the rotation of ploughshare, and the powders are also splashed in the normal direction of the two sides of ploughshare. Due to the gravity of materials and rotation direction of ploughshare, the materials are gathered at the high speed agitating teeth on the bottom end of cylinder. When materials go through the high-speed rotating teeth, they are scattered strongly and repeatedly. With the combined effect of gravity, ploughshare, conveying spiral and high speed agitating teeth, wet materials are continuously exchanged, collided, scattered and stirred inside the cylinder during the travel from feeding port to discharge port. So, uniform mixing and full collision of fine powders are completed within a very short time. Finally, the small particles gather together, and big and uniform granules are produced.

Technical Parameters

Model CMG-400 CMG-700
Inner Diameter of Cylinder (mm) 400 684
Effective Volume (m3) 0.44 1.28
Main Driving Power (kW) 7.5 30
Driving Power of Agitating Teeth (kW) 6 ×1.5 6 ×1.5
Production Capacity (kg/h) 1000-1800 4000-7000
Overall Dimensions (mm) 4895×868×1180 5080×1070×1460
Total Weight (kg) ~1100 ~2500

This granulator is widely used for continuous wet granulation process for many materials, such as food, dye, pigment, plastic, chemical, pesticide, medicine, feed, veterinary drug, auxiliary agent, feed additive, etc. It is also suitable for continuous mixing process of solid-solid, solid-liquid (small amount of liquid is added into powders), and other production procedures.

1. Continuous airtight or micro negative pressure working is realized by this granulator. Compared with high speed teeth agitating granulator, this machine shows the advantages of large production capacity, low energy consumption, excellent wall-stick prevention property, etc.
2. Several sets of liquid spraying devices are set on the top of horizontal cylinder, and liquid or binder can be added with the help of metering pump. Thus, proper amount of liquid can be fed into the cylinder to adjust the moisture content according to the requirement of granulation.
3. The ploughshare continuously removes materials that stick to the inner wall of cylinder, so our machine is especially suitable for the granulation process of viscous material or material with colloidal additives.
4. The diameter of finished granules ranges from 0.2mm to 3.0mm. In theory, the higher the water content of material is, the bigger the granule diameter will be, vice versa.
5. Based on the requirement of granulation, different granulation conditions of our granulator can be achieved by adjusting the rotation speed of main spindle. When the rotation speed is faster, the production capacity is higher, but the size uniformity and surface smoothness of finished granules are worse. If the rotation speed is lower, the production capacity is lower, but the materials will stay inside the cylinder for a longer time which means that the opportunity of mixing and collision is increased. Thus, the size uniformity and surface smoothness are better.

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