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Working Principle
Materials are fed into our VFD vibrating fluid bed dryer through the feeding port, and then continually move forward in the horizontal direction under the effect of vibration force. At the same time, hot air flows into the machine from the bottom end, and travels through fluid bed from bottom to top to exchange heat with wet materials. The wet gas is exhausted from the air outlet on the top of our machine, and dried materials are discharged from the discharge port.

Technical Parameters

No. Model Area of Drying Bed
1 VFD(B)-2.4 6 × 0.4
2 VFD(B)-3.0 7.5 × 0.4
3 VFD(B)-3.6 6 × 0.6
4 VFD(B)-4.2 7.0 × 0.6
5 VFD(B)-6.75 7.5 × 0.9

This dryer is mainly applied for the drying process of granules that are produced using wet granulation method.

1. The materials are heated evenly, and the heat exchange is sufficient. The drying intensity is very high, and our machine saves about 30% of energy when compared with common ones.
2. The vibration source is driven by vibration motor, and it has the advantages of low noise, stable running, convenient maintenance as well as long service life.
3. The fluidization is stable without the problems of dead angle or blow-through.
4. This dryer does little damage to the surface of materials, and the strips extruded by the granulator will automatically break during drying.
5. Our product has a closed structure which can effectively avoid the cross contamination between material and air, and the operating environment is very clean. In addition, this machine shows good adjustability, and it has a wide range of applications.

We are a China-based vibrating fluid bed dryer manufacturer and supplier. We provide various types of products such as continuous kneader, drum sulphur granulator, compactor, and screw extruder granulating machine.

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