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NH continuous kneader meets the requirements of powder engineering, and it can also realize the mixing and homogenizing of viscous materials. It is a combination of crushing, mixing, kneading, self-cleaning, conveying and other functions, and continuous production is also available.

This machine is double shaft differential speed kneader, and its working principle is developed from the theory of twin-screw mixing machine. The phrase "differential speed" indicates the major feature of our product. During working, energy is transferred from motor to driving shaft by reduction box, and then the driven shaft is driven by another gear. The spiral blade on the mixing shaft realizes the axial and radial extrusions of materials, and the extrusions include high speed mode and low speed mode due to the different rotation speeds of driving and driven shafts. Thus, sufficient mixing and kneading operations are applied to the materials, and the materials are uniformly mixed. In addition, physical mixing and chemical reaction of materials are both speeded up.

Now, the available model is NH195, and the kneading power is 11kW.

As a specialized continuous kneader manufacturer and supplier in China, our company offers a variety of products, including vibrating fluid bed dryer, screw extruder granulating machine, drum sulphur granulator, conveyor steel belt, and much more.

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