Accessory Equipment

    1. VFD Vibrating Fluid Bed DryerAt the same time, hot air flows into the machine from the bottom end, and travels through fluid bed from bottom to top to exchange heat with wet materials. The wet gas is exhausted from the air outlet on the top of our machine, and dried materials are discharged from the discharge port.
    1. NH Continuous KneaderThis machine is double shaft differential speed kneader, and its working principle is developed from the theory of twin-screw mixing machine. The phrase "differential speed" indicates the major feature of our product. During working, energy is transferred from motor to driving shaft by reduction box, and then the driven shaft is driven by another gear.

Our accessory equipment contains dryer and kneader, and these machines are mainly used to match with our granulation equipment so as to facilitate the purchase of whole set.

As an experienced granulation equipment manufacturer and supplier in China, we provide screw extruder granulating machine, steel belt pastillator and flaker, compactor, die plate press / pellet mill, and much more.

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