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As a professional manufacturer of conveyor steel belt, we have supplied more than 3000 sets of specialized steel belt for different industries, and our product is well accepted on the market. After nearly 20 years of research and production, our product is comparable with similar products offered by top suppliers in the world, and our price is very reasonable.

Now, the available steel belt contains annular type as well as open type, and the former one can be installed directly while butt welding is needed for the later one. Field service is provided, such as mending, leveling, butt welding, etc. In addition, other maintenance service and training are also available.

Technical Parameters

Model SUNUP-500 SUNUP-600 SUNUP-1000 SUNUP-1219 SUNUP-1500
Width (mm) 500±1.0 600±1.0 1000±1.0 1219±1.0 1500±1.0
Thickness (mm) 1.0±0.07
Length (mm) Unlimited
Surface Smoothness 2B
Flatness Extra grade Extra grade Ordinary grade, extra grade Ordinary grade, extra grade Ordinary grade, extra grade
1. When the perimeter of steel belt is shorter than 50000mm, the length tolerance is not over 50mm, and this value is within 100mm when the perimeter is larger than 50000mm.
2. The flatness for extra grade is 2/10000 of steel belt length, and 7/10000 for ordinary grade.

1. The raw materials are supplied by world class manufacturer of stainless steel plate, and the raw materials are produced using special techniques according to the technical properties of our product. Exclusive material source, special processing technique, and top grade manufacturer make our product very competitive on the market.
2. We have produced more than 3000 sets of steel belt until now, and unique production technique and process control technology are obtained. Mature technique, modern production equipment and advanced testing method are combined together to ensure the outstanding performance of our product.
3. Our product has high price-performance ratio, and we can also supply reliable technical support along with perfect service.

Apart from conveyor steel belt, our company also offers drum sulphur granulator, steel belt pastillator and flaker, compactor, and screw extruder granulating machine, among others.

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