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    1. CF Type Steel Belt Pastillator and FlakerOn the other hand, this granulator can be equipped with different types of distributor for various processes. For the direct granulation process, external rotating, internal rotating, reciprocating, shock excitation and other types are suitable. For the condensation-solidification-flaking-fragmentation process, brake type, tube type and multi-roller type are appropriate. For the cooling process of solid powder, vibrating distributor is also applicable.
    1. RDG Drum Sulphur GranulatorThe rotary drum of this granulator tilts down along the discharge end in axial direction, so the liquid material goes through three stages inside the drum which are seed particle (powder or small particle) generation, size enlarging as well as product forming, and then spherical particles that meet the requirements of granularity are obtained at the discharge end.
  • DRG CompactorThis DRG compactor is a dry extrusion granulator with counter rollers. Different dry powders are fed into the machine from top end, and then enter into the counter rollers after degassing and spirally pre-compacting. The great extrusion force generated by the counter rollers is used to create plastic deformation of materials, and then the materials are compacted into dense flake or bulk.
    1. SE Screw Extruder Granulating MachineSE screw extruder granulating machine contains two types, single-screw type (SES) and twin-screw type (SET). The extrusion mode includes front discharge and side discharge, and the SET can be divided into intermeshing type and separating type. Customers should select the perfect machine according to the granulation requirement and property of materials.
    1. PRG Die Plate Press / Pellet MillThe main shaft drives the rolling wheel to rotate with the main shaft, and the rolling wheel also rotates with its shaft at the same time. The rolling wheel continually applies force to the materials on the die plate, and the materials are forced to be extruded from the aperture at the wedge shaped area which is generated by die plate and rolling wheel.
    1. HSG High Speed Teeth Agitating GranulatorThe mechanical stirring force generated by the high-speed rotation, and resulting aerodynamic force work together to continually finish different procedures of fine powder materials inside the machine, such as mixing, granulation, balling, compaction, etc. Thus, granulation is achieved.
    1. TRG Twin Gear GranulatorCylindrical through-holes that are corresponding to the row number are set at the dedendums of two gears. The gear core is hollow, and the cylindrical through-holes are directly connected to the hollow part of core through dedendums. With the synchronous reverse rotation of gears, materials between two gears are filled into the tooth space evenly.
    1. CMG Ploughshare Mixing GranulatorCMG ploughshare mixing granulator has a horizontal cylinder, and the main spindle and rotating ploughshare are inside the cylinder. Meanwhile, several high speed agitating teeth are set at the area that has plenty of materials, and these devices are under the cylinder forming an angle of 45° with the central perpendicular line of the cylinder.
    1. VFD Vibrating Fluid Bed DryerAt the same time, hot air flows into the machine from the bottom end, and travels through fluid bed from bottom to top to exchange heat with wet materials. The wet gas is exhausted from the air outlet on the top of our machine, and dried materials are discharged from the discharge port.
    1. NH Continuous KneaderThis machine is double shaft differential speed kneader, and its working principle is developed from the theory of twin-screw mixing machine. The phrase "differential speed" indicates the major feature of our product. During working, energy is transferred from motor to driving shaft by reduction box, and then the driven shaft is driven by another gear.
  • Conveyor Steel BeltAs a professional manufacturer of conveyor steel belt, we have supplied more than 3000 sets of specialized steel belt for different industries, and our product is well accepted on the market. After nearly 20 years of research and production, our product is comparable with similar products offered by top suppliers in the world, and our price is very reasonable.

SUNUP is a professional granulation equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a wide range of products, including melted material granulator, compactor, wet type granulation equipment, conveyor steel belt, and more.