Organic Fertilizer Granulator

Organic fertilizer granulator is especially designed for the granulation of many organics after they are fermented, and it is very innovative when compared with conventional granulation process of organic fertilizer. There is no need to dry or crush the materials before granulation, and particles in ball shape are produced after the materials are properly mixed. So, the energy is saved to a large extent.

1. The finished granules are in spherical shape.
2. The organic content can reach up to 100%, and pure organic granulation is realized.
3. Under some force, the small particles of organic can be inlayed with each other and the size is enlarged. Thus, binder is not needed for the granulation.
4. The granules are very firm, and they can be screened after granulation. So, the energy consumed for drying is cut down.
5. The fermented organic doesn't require drying, and the water content of materials can be within 20%-40%.

Installation and Maintenance
The installation and pilot run procedures of organic fertilizer granulator are as follows.
1. This machine should be installed on horizontal foundation of concrete, and fixed by anchor bolt.
2. During installation, the main body should be perpendicular to horizontal direction.
3. After installation, please check if all the bolts are tight and the door of machine is closed. Otherwise, please fasten them.
4. Equip the machine with power line and control switch according to the power of our machine.
5. After all the checking procedures are finished, pilot run with no load is carried out. If there is no problem with the pilot run, our machine is ready for production.

On the other hand, maintenance is a very important and regular work. It should be connected with operation as well as repair, and specialized person should be in charge of this work.
1. The bearing of crusher carries all the load of the machine, so good lubrication is very important for the service life of bearing, and it directly influences the life and operation rate of machine. The lubricating oil must be clean, and the seal must be good. The main places that need lubricating oil include rotating bearing, rolling bearing, live bearing, all the gears, sliding surface, etc.
2. Newly installed rim is very likely to loosen, so please check it regularly.
3. Make sure that all the parts of the machine are ok.
4. Detect the condition of expendable parts, and the worn components should be replaced in time.
5. For the underbed surface on which set movable devices, dust and other dirty things need to be removed. Otherwise, if there are materials that can't be crushed by the machine, the live bearing can't move on the underbed, and severe accident may occur.
6. Under the condition that the oil temperature of the bearing rises, please stop the machine immediately. Find out the reason, and solve this problem.
7. If there is sound of impacting during the working of rotating gear, stop the machine immediately, check the machine and solve this problem.