Precautions for the Operation of Single Screw Granulator

Usually, the screw of single screw granulator is divided into three sections, feed zone, compression zone and metering zone. The feed zone has a small root diameter, and its major function is to convey the materials to the next zone. So, feeding capacity is an important factor, and the parameters are L1 as well as h1. In addition, h1=(0.12-0.14)D. On the other hand, the compression zone has a changed root diameter, and this zone is mainly used to set up pressure, compact and melt the materials.

Here are some details that should be paid attention to during the operation of our machine.
1. Irrelevant personnel are not allowed to talk with the operator, and only one operator is authorized to control the buttons on the control panel.
2. Check the insulation effect of the wire and circuit regularly, and keep an eye on the content on warning board.
3. Before the power supply of power distribution cabinet is cut off, non-specialized person is prohibited to open the gate. Meanwhile, the blade mustn't be adjusted before the granulator is completed stopped.
4. When the movable parts and hopper are blocked, don't handle it with hand or iron bar. Instead, plastic bar is the only suitable tool.
5. Please be careful when dealing with high temperature position to avoid burning. When the kneader is working, the upper part of the working staff body should not be leaned into the barrel for detection or stirring.
6. If the electricity is cut off during working, please cut off the circuit of every motor, and clean the remaining materials inside the machine because carbonized materials will influence later production.
7. When there is a failure of the machine, stop the machine as soon as possible. Inform the maintenance staff and wait for them, or get maintenance guide through telephone.
8. Prevent all the factors that may lead to the failure of machine or industrial accident.