Innovations of Twin-Screw Granulator

Twin-screw granulator is applicable in many fields, and the main applications are listed below.
1. Filling, blending, modification, adding and chlorination of rubber and engineering resin
2. Processing of polypropylene and super absorbent resin
3. Extrusion of degradable masterbatch, polycondensation of polyamide, addition polymerization of polyurethane.
4. Granulation of carbon powder and magnetic powder.
5. Preparation of silane cross-linked materials as well as insulation material, jacketing material and low smoke zero halogen flame retardant PVC for cable.
6. The small type machine is mainly used for research and teaching.

The innovation of twin-screw granulator lies in the following aspects.
1. Screw. The extrusion gap between screw and barrel is smaller, and the extrusion force is bigger. If the power of motor is unchanged, this innovation can ensure better production capacity and dispersion quality.
2. Barrel. The barrel has entire jacket, and inner channel is mirror finished. Thus, the extruded particles are bright and uniform, and the quality of finished product is better.
3. Transmission system. Transmission case specially designed for extruder is equipped, and it features no noise as well as excellent dynamic balance.
a. Feed zone. It is used to convey materials, and flash in avoided.
b. Compression zone. This section can fully melt and homogenize materials with the help of heat transfer and friction shear.
c. Mixing zone. The size of material constituents is further refined and homogenized, and ideal structure is obtained. It has multi-functions of distribution and dispersion.
d. Exhausting zone. The major function of this section is to remove water vapor, low molecular weight substance and other impurities.
e. Metering zone. This section is used to convey materials and build up pressure to ensure the density of materials at die aperture. Meanwhile, the materials are further mixed, and it realizes the purpose of extrusion.